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The agricultural sector in our world of sales and marketing consists of parties who are selling:

  1. Soil
  2. Seeds
  3. Specialty products to enrich the soil
  4. Trees, grass, fruit and/or vegetables
  5. Fertilizer manufacturers
  6. Hydroponics solutions
  7. Ingredients for the food sector
  8. Products in the food sector
  9. Organic agriculture and food
  10. Cannabis
  11. Products extracted from animals
    • Consumer Health Products
    • Pet Care Products
    • Consumer Care Products

Because of sheer size, the USA has a huge agricultural industry and product quality has ahigh priority. Growers or producers who want to increase sales both domestic and international can do so using the internet. This includes selling seeds and fresh fruit and flowers all the way through to equipment for the agricultural sector. Growers tend to have a very traditional sales model which may work, but why not add another sales channel using eCommerce. Your competitors in other countries are already doing it e.g. Colombia is exporting fresh flowers direct to our homes in the USA and China is shipping seeds direct to US consumers. It is time the world enjoyed the option of buying US grown products.

Our team is very active with California's farming sector in the Inland Empire and I wish to encourage all growers and farmers throughout California to think about eCommerce as a method of innovating their sales and marketing. Our Chief Marketing Strategist, Hema Dey, will guide you through a step by step approach. Hema recently moderated an eCommerce conference as a partner of the Riverside Office of Foreign Trade.

Changing your lifestyle every day – when it’s one word everyday, it’s an adjective e.g. everyday food

It is a well-known fact that professional service providers are predominantly successful because of referrals. Relationships play a key role in creating trust and feeling confident and comfortable about retaining a professional service provider. Our service here is not to remove or replace that relationship, but rather to add value to it.

We offer the opportunity for owners of professional service businesses to innovate using an eCommerce website and mobile app to enhance their sales methods and connect directly with decision makers, be they B2B or B2C. Keep your brand and services top of mind, make it easy to select services and upload documents, photos, or information about real time issues such as health and family situations. Yes it is possible! For example, a CPA may want to provide tax updates or new deadlines to their clients a plastic surgeon may want to get real time vitals on a patient following surgery. There is a sense of security and control when a smartphone or tablet is in the hands of a professional service provider.

Talk to us about your business and we will provide you with insights about how to move your business into eCommerce mode. We welcome attorneys, accountants, tax consultants, marketing professionals, business management consultants, doctors, dentists, plastic surgeons, and many other service providers. Not every business in the professional services sector will fit the eCommerce model, but it is very likely that there are still opportunities for you to be different, to add a value solution that will increase consultative sales and monetize your service, something previously considered intangible.

Food for Thought

A mobile app in the palms of decision makers, enabling you to connect at any time with updates, new releases, new laws, and reminders, all of which will bring you top of mind. We provide solutions for Android and IOS applications.

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