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There are many options to create an eCommerce website and pricing ranges from cheap to expensive. So here is a thought? Do you want a website that drives like a Jaguar or a Toyota? What sort of look do you want? We are designers and developers of eCommerce websites, yes with shopping carts and checkout features to accept MONEY! We are Magento Certified and have worked with all sorts of platforms from Shopify, Big Commerce, WooCommerce and much more…..question really is, what is your strategy and how much sales do you want?

If you are looking to either improve customer experience, be accessible on smartphones or tablets with a Mobile APP we can provide you with solutions that integrate your shopping cart, check out and make it super easy for your customers. We cater for Android and IOS platforms, integrating solutions that are focused on increasing sales (better customer experience) and increasing efficiencies (internal operations and procedures) all of which equate to increased profitability. Mobile Apps are an add value, branding is on the forefront of the value proposition because it sits on the mobile device be it a smartphone or tablet, giving your brand top priority when the device is turned on.

Does it apply to B2B or just B2C?

It applies to both sectors, some are easier than others but ultimately think of scenarios like this:

B2B: You can create an app to monitor driver efficiencies, millage and compensation requirements or you can have your shopping cart ready on a Mobile APP with alerts on new product announcements or technical updates on a specific part/component you are selling. We have an Event App solution also for conferences, conventions and expos all of which can be customized to suit the venue and nature of the show – big or small.

B2C: The app can range from Gym apps as seen with 24 hour Fitness, to Event Apps for conferences or family expos all of which is designed to provide ease of use, ease to obtain information and to make decision making a lot more effective for the consumer. And yes if you want to have an app for  Fashion Store, make sure it really stands out and is different. We can connect the mobile app to a check out function where you can receive money.

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