Iffel International Launches eCommerce Consultants to Drive Small and Medium-Size Business Growth

Long Beach, California- March 21, 2017 – Iffel International Inc., a Southern California-based award-winning, full-service global marketing and sales firm, announced today that it has launched eCommerce Consultants, a division specializing in helping small and medium-sized enterprises innovate their marketing and sales strategy and grow their revenue.

“There is a huge misconception among small and medium-sized enterprises that eCommerce is centered around an online shopping cart for B2B and B2C audiences to make direct purchases,” said Hema Dey, founder, and CEO of Iffel International. “Iffel International launched eCommerce Consultants to educate and assist businesses owners and C-Suite professionals that a comprehensive strategy using modern online tools can convert any website into a revenue stream – with or without a shopping cart,” Dey added.

Under the Iffel International umbrella of service offerings, eCommerce Consultants will strategize, implement, and launch a mobile responsive eCommerce site and mobile app to expand a corporation’s market share throughout the United States, followed by an international expansion into English-speaking countries, then China, and then identifying and integrating other strategic global markets. eCommerce Consultants is the second division of Iffel International, joining Rent A CMO, an all-in-one fractional marketing solution to define and exceed marketing and sales goals. eCommerce Consultants is designed to use the right mix of website design, shopping cart build-out, mobile app development, and search engine optimization (SEO) practices to develop and execute effective online sales strategies.

“My passion is to empower and unlock the mystery behind eCommerce using highly advanced digital marketing strategies for companies to increase sales nationally and internationally,” Dey said. With more than 25 years of experience launching brands to the next level, Iffel International’s eCommerce Consultants is perfectly-positioned to connect businesses of all backgrounds to new consumers around the globe with ease. From strategy to implementation, eCommerce Consultants offers unparalleled marketing services, hands-on, factual and sales-driven eCommerce solutions. eCommerce Consultants provides services to a variety of business sectors, including Technology and Manufacturing, Agriculture, Consumer Products, Professional Services, and more.

To learn more about eCommerce Consultants, or to book a consultation, please visit www. https://www.ecommerce-consultant.com/.

About Iffel International:

Iffel International is a global marketing firm, offering a full suite of services for businesses looking to expand their growth in the marketplace or to tap into undiscovered revenue streams. Iffel International provides two distinct services to fulfill a company’s marketing needs; Rent A CMO, which offers an outsourced turnkey marketing operation focusing on customized strategic solutions for websites, digital marketing, and mobile apps, as well as eCommerce Consultants, a team of sales-driven digital experts that strives to turn businesses into a growing online revenue source. To make an inquiry for your business, or to hire CEO Hema Dey to speak about eCommerce or International Trade at your event, please visit Iffel International Inc.

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