USA Based eCommerce Coaches and Consultants

Why have a USA based eCommerce Coach or Consultant?

How many of you have had the call from India or Bulgaria that they can help you with your eCommerce, SEO and lead generation?

You fall for their cheap pricing but end up with a messed up Website and SEO strategy?

Tired of these annoying calls and want real people located in the USA?

If you are a USA based business, it is somewhat important to have a strategy that is related to your USA brand and business model. Based on the notion of buy it American, or Made in USA, it is important to get a USA based eCommerce coach or eCommerce consultant to guide you through your journey in expanding and growing your business.

Key Advantages for Using a USA based eCommerce Coach or Consultant include:

  1. You can verify if the company has a solid and established business, by looking at the reviews it has, by calling the owner of the firm and having a chat and having the eCommerce coach or consultant meet you on site at your business premises.
  2. A USA based eCommerce Coach or Consultant will understand the local market and a true local eCommerce Marketing Agency will be able to apply knowledge that is relevant to your business.
  3. It is easier, with time zone, language barriers, accents and jargon – you don’t want to waste time trying to learn another language and assume you understand what they are trying to tell you.

What are some things you can ask a USA based eCommerce Coach or Consultant?

eCommerce Websites

  1. Find out what works and what does not work. There are many options out there.
  2. Is it worth having your own website or should you go through a 3rd party site like Amazon?
  3. How do you get a website developed?
  4. Who does the coding of the website? Is this something you can do by yourself?
  5. Why pick a custom website versus a template website?
  6. What is a DNS?
  7. What is a hosting site?
  8. Which hosting site is best for eCommerce?
  9. What is the best way to accept payment on the website?
  10. How much are the fees to process payments on the website?
  11. How long does it take to get a website ready and live?
  12. How can you sell across to Mexico or Canada with an eCommerce website?
  13. Can I get funding to get my website built?
  14. Can the website be developed in different languages?

These are only some questions, as you dive deeper into the subject matter, you will have tons of questions. What are your options: Outsource the Work Versus Do IT Yourself

Well, both are options for sure but if you aren’t savvy in building eCommerce websites, give it to the professionals. If you want to do some of it yourself, get an eCommerce coach or consultant to really narrow down your focus on what you should be doing and not doing. It can get very tedious very quickly if you are creating something without understanding eCommerce engineering. There is a science to it all and most importantly it has to be designed to meet search engine requirements.

So how do you get an eCommerce coach or consultant? We offer this service HERE

All you have to do is book the number of hours you want to spend initially with us and we will coach you through the process, identify areas where you are great at doing it yourself, provide you with direction and for more technical issues, we can perhaps get our execution team to implement it for you. This way you save on cost, and take a more calculated approach to your actual investment into the business. You learn along the way as well and our coaches and consultants will guide you every step of the way.

We are located in Los Angeles, Anaheim and San Diego. We service companies throughout the USA and pride ourselves as being a USA based company with a global mindset. For more information call us 855 433 3522. Try us, you will find that our ecommerce coaches and consultants are very professional, technical but have a very applied approach – meaning they will adapt their technical eCommerce knowledge to your specific business needs.


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