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Step into our world of technology, innovation and manufacturing. We welcome industrial businesses to think through alternative sales models using branded eCommerce solutions.

Types of companies that are perfect partners with us include industrial firms such as manufacturers of cables, pumps, medical equipment, conveyor belts, printed circuit boards, computer hardware, automation equipment, elevators, industrial 3D printing and many more. Post sales service for products that require spare part supply and  distribution is also a perfect match. You don't have to have clean, sexy looking products, we are able to get technical with you from a marketing perspective to give you an integrated eCommerce platform to grow sales.

Will this risk my sales force?

No! If you have been selling with a sales team or through manufacturers, don't think of this as a replacement but more so an alternative and enhanced sales strategy to enable sales to take place on the internet. Think of it as another sales person or outlet that you have full control over.

What is an ideal eCommerce system?

It is important to think through a system that integrates, marketing, sales, logistics, payment and post sales service. It is not just about a shopping cart but understanding how this is going to be different, how it is going to add value to the buyer, enriching their experience. Our initial audit will be a review on:

  1. Customer Service and Experience
  2. Operational Systems and Procedures

Creating an eCommerce website is only one component of it all. Mobile Apps is another, and to create optimal performance we can review how to reduce buyer times to place an order and get it confirmed and shipped. We can also create mobile apps to track internal performance so you as the business owner can have the data in your palm.

Make an appointment with us so we can walk you through the different scenarios we can do for you and your business HERE


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