Grow Your Business With an Interstate eCommerce Platform

Are you selling on the internet currently? Have you focused purely on your state or county even? If you answered yes to both, please read on. The fact that you are already selling on the internet says a lot about how forward thinking you are. The word SMART comes to mind. If you are purely focused on sales at state or county level, well let us give you a nudge to think a little bigger, why don’t you sell to another state in the USA? Perhaps 2 states or all 49 states? What is holding you back from expanding nationally? Is it the worry of fulfillment and logistics costs? Or is simply because your eCommerce platform does not allow you to do so? Or did a consultant come in and scare you with a long list of to do’s that you feel is somewhat of a tall order? Regardless of why, you are missing out on a great opportunity to sell within the USA using eCommerce. Every minute you are not marketing yourself on the internet, your competitor is getting a sale. By all means if you don’t want to grow outside your state, that is ok! BUT why would you settle for that?

It seems funny, but it has to be said that selling to each and every state is like writing an export plan to another country. Every state has its’ own set of buyer profile, demographics, race, ethnicity, demand for products and possibly different affordability categories as well. Perhaps the easy path for you was to focus on your own state because marketing to the state next door became too hard, it was not the same and perhaps your social media campaigns were just back firing or creating a totally different perception to your target audience! The first step is to acknowledge that every state is different. Second is to map out a strategy perhaps that shows a common theme across the county and areas that you will adapt in terms of communication, branding and pricing. Some key areas to focus on will be your shopping cart, will it handle interstate transactions, will you be able to process individual sales tax issues alongside issues with nexus, all of which ones we know what your situation is can advice. And if you don’t know how to go about doing all of this, we can most certainly help. We have a range of professionals who work with us from tax accountants to attorneys, people who will care about your business requirements.

So how do you get started? Remember it all has to start with strategy you will need an eCommerce marketing plan. It will be key to your expansion plan, in mapping out procedurally and also by way of competitor benchmarking how to be a front runner in your field. There are many issues to consider from search engine optimization, social media, blogging, Google Adwords or Facebook Ads and much more. Don’t think for a second that you can just simply jump into the market place without having a plan of attack. A competitor who may not be strong in your state by be the front runner in another state, you will need to know to combat and sell against that person/company.

eCommerce Consultants was established as a DBA of Iffel International Inc. The business is focused on an agency approach to eCommerce Marketing because every aspect of online marketing has to work in concert. We will provide you with insights into what your competitors are up to and how you can better position yourself to do well, and to do well it really means sales and increasing your profit margin. Selling is one thing, selling with a profit is another. Once we know what it is you wish to sell and targets that you will be able to cope with, there are also eCommerce tools to create efficiencies in the operational side of your business. It simply does not just sit as a marketing issue but also a fulfillment and logistics issue. For more information book a 15 minute FREE consult here.

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