Hiring an eCommerce Marketing Agency – a step in diversifying risks

If you are not selling on the internet and don’t know how to, now is the time to engage with an eCommerce Marketing Agency. This article has been written to give you our thought leadership on the matter as it is about mitigating risks around sales both domestically and internationally.

Under Donald Trump’s leadership as President of the USA, he is threatening to increase tariffs on imported goods from Mexico and China. Regardless of it being true or not, the issues surrounding trade nationally and internationally are uncertain. Mexico has already shown that they are not waiting for their death sentence on NAFTA by retaliating in stopping all imports of USA grown corn and substituting it for corn from¬†Latin America counterparts. The changing landscape in global trade is a risks to mitigate and finding ways to go to market differently is more important than ever.

Donald Trump talks about his mantra being “make it in America and hire Americans”. This is long overdue as the USA does manufacture top quality products and the world knows it. However, the conflictual tone he has had in the last 4 weeks with world leaders is causing a threat to trade for US businesses. So what now? How can a business start thinking about mitigating risks around potential threats to sales? Lets face it, without sales a business is DEAD!

If your business is purely focused on local sales or sales to one or two countries only, it is time to re-think your marketing strategy. Traditional sales models will still work with your sales team but a more effective or alternative route is to have an eCommerce strategy. eCommerce is purely a fancy name for doing sales using the internet. This may be through your own branded website or using platforms like eBay, Amazon or Alibaba. If you are not doing any of this, the time to get started is now. Start to think about how to sell to all 50 states in the USA for starters, or Canada or the UK, leverage off current free trade agreements while they are still in place. There may not be TPP at this time or ever but what about bilateral trades within your county and individual countries like Mexico? Explore all possibilities so that you optimize best risk mitigating strategies to minimize impact of loss of sales.

Engaging with an eCommerce Marketing Agency is important but not one that does not look at the macro economic issues, has zero understanding on trade matters and only wants to talk about shopping carts. It starts with strategy and it ends with tools to sell like an eCommerce website, seo or social media. There is no point creating a website if you don’t know where you are going with it. Regardless of who you choose to develop your website, you need to have an eCommerce consultant that knows how to market your business. To make time to understand the strategy you wish to deploy for your business. This is why we have created this website, this center where strategy begins. Not only will you have the opportunity to speak to our Chief Marketing Officer about your business, we have a team to execute website design and development, shopping cart creating and connecting payment gateways, hosting the site, social media, search engine optimization, blogging and online advertising. And if you want to go international we have the know how to get you global with localized information e.g. if you are exporting to Australia, we can get you keywords that are relevant to the Australian market.

There are many ways to think about diversifying your business, to harvest more sales but more importantly now to protect your revenue stream. If you have a MADE in USA product, why not sell it to the world? Why not sell it to all 50 states? What is holding you back? eCommerce Consultants is a part of Iffel International, an award winning marketing agency located in Southern California. You will be thrilled once you meet and speak with owner Hema Dey, who brings a wealth of information, creative thinking on how to diversify your business using eCommerce to either grow nationally or internationally.

We welcome the manufacturing and agricultural sector to begin discussions. To book a consult, click HERE

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